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 “Should we bring the real camera?”  That’s the big question that we ask ourselves or our spouse asks us as we load up for dance recitals, swim meets and birthdays, isn’t it?
And most of the time, admit it- you leave it at home.
You shelled out hundreds, quite possibly thousands of dollars for a digital slr (or you are about to, hey, it’s the holidays) only to find yourself clicking away on your iPhone. It has so many buttons, you don’t know what to do, and you can’t figure out how to make your photos all that you’d hoped for.
If that sounds familiar, this workshop is for you.
There’s a reason you bought that “real” camera. You wanted to capture high quality memories for years to come. And the ‘real’ camera is the right tool for that. Smart phones are wonderful because they are always in our pockets. But they cannot match the quality, versatility, and capabilities of your ‘real’ camera…if you know how to use it.
That’s where I come in. If you don’t know me already, I’m Corey, the photographer at Glee and Bliss. And I love photographing children, families, and life events. And I do it with a Real camera. (Cheeky, I know).
I’ve designed Rock the Real Camera to help you understand your camera’s basic functions AND to take better pictures. After all, the camera is only part of the equation. The photographers eye matters too!
So, what do you say? Want to spend a half day learning how to rock your real camera? We will answer questions like these:
How do I get that look where my child is in focus and the background is blurry?
How do I take pictures of sports without blur?
Why are my photos dark and yellow inside?
When should I use a flash?
What can I go to make my pictures better?
And I’ll answer your questions too!
Space is limited to 15, so that we can all get a chance to talk and shoot. So email me asap to reserve your spot!
What do you need?
– your dslr camera
– your cameras manual
– any lenses you’ve purchased
– your favorite photograph and one you wish had turned out better
– a fully charged battery
– your enthusiasm and questions
January 17th
@glee and bliss studio
202 East Winmore, Chapel Hill
$175 per person ($300 for you and a buddy!)
To book: follow this link and click the buy photo button.  If you can believe it, we’re almost full.  So don’t wait!
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I’ve been lucky enough to meet people around Chapel Hill that have beautiful pieces of property and they are kind enough to let me photograph there.  Right now, I’m in love with a wildflower field at a local farm.  Love!  I had a session there last week and here’s a sneak peek.  Let’s hope for good weather because I hope to be back at the farm a few more times before the flowers are gone!


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There are so many exciting changes afoot here at Glee and Bliss.  And the blog is just the beginning.  Pardon our progress as implement our new look over the next couple of days.  Many links may not be functional as we are implementing the new design. But if you want to reach us, the best way is to visit our portfolio site at

We can’t wait to reveal what’s up!

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If you’ve seen me about town, then you’re either nocturnal or as jet lagged as I am.  I’m just back from photographing beautiful kids and families in the Australian countryside.  And Summer 2015 will bring much more travel for me.  Keep checking back for dates, but I will be photographing in the following US cities this summer:

Chicago – June 27 through July 3

Washington DC – July 10-13

Philadelphia PA – July 13-17

Topsail Beach – July TBA

Blue Ridge Mountains, NC (Sparta area) – August 8-9

And I’m offering sessions abroad as well.

Playa Carmen, Costa Rica – May 23-27

Mayan Rivera, Mexico – August 2-5


Of course, I’m available to photograph locally in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area and on location throughout the US by private commission.  I’m looking forward to a busy and wonderful summer, so book in now as summer is beginning to fill up.

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So, I have not posted on the blog in six months.  Six.  I can hardly believe it.  By and large it’s because I’ve been SO busy.  But one of my 2015 resolutions is to post more- much more.  So here goes.

I just got a little happiness in the mail yesterday.  Erin Rice, the publisher of Governor’s Living, asked me to photograph a family this past fall for her magazine.  It doesn’t hurt that they are sweet, charming and very very easy on the eyes!  We had a great time playing and I got a session worth of great material.  But I was just so thrilled to receive my copy of the February issue in the mail and see my work on the cover.  I think it’s my first magazine cover.  What fun!  Cage enjoyed seeing mommy’s work in print too.  :-)


My magazine cover for Governor’s Living Magazine

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