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It was sixth grade and Ashley Rockwell (now Ashley Warren) and I were passing notes in Mrs. Jones’ class.

“Want to sleep over this weekend?
Check yes or no.”

We put on our most eighties outfits, loaded up our pockets with 110 film and flash cubes, and struck out in the neighborhood to take portraits of one another.

This is the result of that first fateful experiment.


Wow. I had bad hair.

Well, today, my hair is better. And Ashley and I are both portrait photographers. (You can find her awesome work here!).

Today, I have a fantastic professional lab that does all my printing, I develop in light room and Photoshop and I shoot digitally, but not much has changed. I still get a little thrill every time I pick up the camera to try something new. I still love portraiture most. And I still think pink and green is a fabulous color combination.

I love to play. And the camera gives me a great excuse to giggle and act like an eight year old. Who are we kidding? I do that all the time.

But seriously, I value the experience of the session as much as I enjoy the end result. Who wants to look at an image on the wall, however beautiful, and remember the gnashing of teeth it took to get that shot? Not me! I want to play, giggle, laugh and make beautiful art together. And when you look up at the art on the wall or flip through your heirloom album, I want you to remember a magical day full of laughter.

My specialty is children and families, but I take on a few weddings each year because I can’t get them out of my system. I’m a sucker for a good cry. And I’m always thrilled to be brought the occasionally guinea pig/dog/cat/hamster to photograph. I photograph a lot of guinea pigs. Don’t ask.

Today, I’m lucky enough to be photographing throughout the US and around the world.   As well as right here in Chapel Hill.  So let me here from you. I’m not scary, I don’t bite and getting in touch is the first step to creating beautiful art for your home.

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