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Where have I been?  I know!  I know!  We’ll I’m back behind the camera and lots of good things are coming this summer.  First up, mini sessions with a lower than ever price.  We’ll be celebrating all things summer with watermelon, sprinklers, bubbles and (at the end of the session) popsicles! I’ll be shooting alongside Danielle Anthony Johnson one last time – just before she leaves for Idaho – so you’re getting two for the price of one!  There are only a few of these special sessions available, so email me at asap to reserve your session.  XOXO!  Can’t wait to see your critters all summer-happy!



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Many of the shoots I did last fall were not Glee and Bliss concept shoots.  Some were simply relaxed, family sessions in a place that’s meaningful for the family.  That was the case for the T family.  The Carolina Inn on UNC’s campus is a special spot for their family.  So, that’s where we headed for a fun, relaxed photoshoot. I love these siblings and the way they play together!  They are some of my favorite little subjects.  Today, I’m burning a DVD for mom and wanted to stop and share.  I’m going to try to take a minute and share some of my favorite sessions from least year as this one starts to heat up!  XOXO, Corey



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I’ve heard from a surgeon friend that he’d never do surgery on a loved one.  I realize it’s not life and death, but it’s pretty nerve wracking to photograph someone you love and/or someone you work with every day.  Just ask Alex, she’s been photographing me and my kiddos for our Christmas cards!  But today it was my honor to photograph Ben and Alex.  Alex and I have been working together for over a year now.  She’s my part-time studio manager and a terrific photographer in her own right.  She and her fiancé Ben (a professional guitar player and teacher) put themselves in my artistic hands today – which takes guts when you’re an artist yourself.  But we had a wonderful time tromping around downtown Durham this morning,  They played and cuddled, and I photographed.   Alex and Ben are a super affectionate couple and their little play fight + play makeup scene made me laugh!  It was great fun.

Our editing style in general is very soft and lovely, but I wanted to infuse these images with some of Alex’s city-vibe.  In fact, lots of the couples we’ve shot lately have been interested in a more urban setting, and the mix that we can get between nature and architecture is really fun.  So, maybe this will be our new engagement editing mix.  :-)

I’m so thrilled for Alex and Ben.  I can’t wait to see what the next year of planning holds for my favorite engaged couple!





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  • Jim Unger - What a fun couple!
    The colors – The creativity – The personalities!
    They all shine through!
    Excellent shoot!
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We all have those Pinterest boards where we’ve stashed our favorite DIY projects that we hope we have time to do…one day…when we have time…

Well Erin and Ross brought their perfect DIY wedding to life this summer and made every detail of their special day shine.  They are the perfect marriage of beauty and creativity and it was glowingly obvious in every little touch.

Here’s a peak at what a little creativity and a lot of love can make.  Congratulations to our beautiful new couple Erin and Ross!


Corey and Alex


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