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What to Expect

So, once you’re ready to book your portrait session, what happens next?

[first we plan]

so…i want to do more than just take a pretty picture of you, so I have to get to know you a bit. If you want to chat, that’s terrific. But if you’re super busy, I send you a little questionnaire and then we can collaborate by email.

The first decision is the kind of session you’d like. You choose either a lifestyle session, where I use you as the props for play and merrymaking.  or, I’ll craft a art session that creates little “vignettes” for your personality play. Art sessions are especially wonderful for children under 12. They have boundless imaginations and presented with some fun scenes, they open up and become their naturally beautiful selves.

Once you’ve selected, I start scouting locations, doodling ideas, making outfit suggestions and building props for the big day.

[then we play]

once we’ve done the planning, get to relax and have fun.

my shooting style is super playful. I’ll pose you a little, but I’ll react to what you’re doing as well. We’ll play together, tell jokes, tickle, roll down some hills, and marvel at the world around us. It’s not that different from a normal walk in the park really, except you’ve got a silly adult in tow, surreptitiously creating art. J I’ve been blessed with three kids, so I understand fevers, boogers, dirty diapers, Dora the Explorer, Big Time Rush and bribery. Don’t worry about good behavior.  I’ll say it again, (this time, with feeling)  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GOOD BEHAVIOR. I don’t want them to smile and look at the camera. I want them to play with me, show me who they are AND have a good time. Every day, even photo day is a moment in our lives to be remembered. So, let’s make it fun!

I’ll go at your speed, so if you want to be rambunctious and wild, we can do that. If you’re a family that likes to cuddle and use soft voices. I can do that too. We talk, we walk, we play some games and we get some great photographs-  sometimes when you’re not even realizing it.

[next we make art]

i love beautiful, playful imagery.  photographs that are relaxed and full of emotion.  don’t worry – I’ll get a few looking directly at the camera for posterity (and grandma), but that’s not my focus. I’m looking to capture your child’s spirit, your families connection, and your playfulness. my focus is creating a work of art that tells a story about what makes you…well, you.  When I knock it out of the park, I’ve crafted a piece of art that you want to hang on your walls for years to come, both because it’s beautiful and because it’s sings a song about the people you love most.

i love color.  so unless you tell us otherwise, what you get from me will largely be rich vibrant images full of movement and emotion. There are times when black and white is called for, and at those times, I’ll use it. Through image selection and editing, I’ll begin to paint a story of your relationship and interactions and also throw in some fun, spunky environmental shots.  If you know you want a more traditional or a more modern session – let me know and i can tweak my style for your taste.  but in general, i have a whimsical, fairytale bent.

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